General Superintendent

Lew Klima 
​Lew joined the MTCC team in the summer of 2022. Lew brings multiple years of experience to the table, ranging from private site development to heavy highway DOT projects. His management of personnel and knowledge of the industry is well beyond his years. His foresight, fast thinking, and undeniable work ethic make him an irreplaceable team leader in our organization.

All Foreman and Hourly Employees

No one salaried or hourly employee stands out above any other at M.T. Carter Contracting. The individual effort given by all has made us the company we are today, and will make us all that we have yet to become. We are and operate as a single unit, and like any other unit, we are only as good as a whole, as we are as individuals.


Garrett M. Holden

​Garrett grew up in Chesapeake, VA and is a graduate from Hampden Sydney College. He holds a degree in Managerial Economics and Business. He has years of experience in management roles and strives to provide the best customer service possible. He makes every effort to mirror the hard work and dedication of his heroes, the members of the United States Military. He wakes up in the morning with the goal to emulate their tenacity and ethics; especially those of his best friend, United States Navy Seal, Mark T. Carter.

Vice President

Laurence Wallace